Pelvic floor exercises are regarded as the first line of treatment (meaning try this first before anything else) for strengthening bladder control, with evidence supporting their effectiveness from systematic reviews of randomised trials.

“There is not yet strong evidence that exercise regimens other than pelvic floor muscle training can reduce stress urinary incontinence in women: a systematic review.”

This is the highest level of evidence we have. Studies also found that pelvic floor exercises are without harmful effects, which means they promote optimal pelvic floor condition, which is not too soft and not too tight. 

Since strengthening bladder control with pelvic floor exercises take way more than clenching at the traffic light, here are some simple tips for making it work for you.

Instead of being unsure about how to do pelvic floor exercises ↓

Go out of your way to learn them correctly.

Instead of Kegeling when you think of it. ↓

Schedule a pelvic floor exercise session every day, or on most of your days if it’s more realistic.

Instead of clenching and squeezing. ↓

Exercise your muscles with a structured and challenging training routine.

Instead of trying pelvic floor exercises for a couple of weeks. ↓

Set yourself a six months goal.

Pelvic floor dysfunction can be the result of multiple other factors than pelvic floor muscle weakness involving pelvic floor muscle function, other body parts, or pelvic structures. These can not all be fixed with pelvic floor exercises. If you’re experiencing ongoing pelvic floor symptoms despite your best efforts to fix them consult with your trusted health care provider.


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The Quick Pelvic Floor Boosting Technique

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