Pelvic floor muscle training is indisputably irreplaceable.

Your pelvic floor muscles are NOT self-strengthening and will need to be specifically exercised to maintain their current strength and condition. The effectiveness of pelvic floor muscle training (based on Kegels) for strength increase is supported by top-level evidence and can be considered fact. It’s a wise choice to include it in your lifestyle. Not sure how to do it best? Join one of my workshops to learn.


This is your workshop if you prefer self-paced learning with full Help Desk support.


In-person workshops with Real-Time Ultrasound (non-invasive/private setting).

30 Day Reform

Ongoing online practice group for previous workshop participants. Running in March, July, and November.

Free 5-Day Training

Revive the strength potential of your pelvic floor with proper pelvic floor muscle training.