from women of all ages and all walks of life.

All Discreetly Fit Programs contain evidence-based, tried, and tested exercises and strategies. These are specifically designed to genuinely transform pelvic floor muscle strength.

Our workshops have been on offer since 2006 and helped many hundreds of women to become in charge of their pelvic floor condition. Here are a few kind words from previous course participants.

“Fabulous course so clearly and thoughtfully presented and so useful. Kathi made us feel completely comfortable addressing what feels an awkward subject to discuss. I wish I had had access to this program in my 30’s but she made me feel it is never too late to start! A big thank you.”

“Thank you so much for what was a really empowering, informative morning! I feel so much more confident in approaching this next stage after learning from you… You are a great teacher, and such great humour…”

“The knowledge taught in the Discreetly Fit course made me think about most tasks performed in daily life in a new way. The exercises are quickly beneficial and easy to fit into a normal routine.

At this point in time Discreetly Fit has saved me from having a bladder sling inserted. Something I have been contemplating for several years and much research.”

A wonderful Program. Every woman should do it to learn to take care and respect the pelvic floor which is otherwise ignored or taboo.”

“I found the Discreetly Fit experience very rewarding. It was extremely beneficial to learn how to do the various exercises properly. Seeing the muscles working on the ultrasound was most helpful. This course is a must for all women.”

“I am so glad I attended. I was able to connect so much better with my pelvic floor muscles and Kathi was able to provide all the information in a really easy to understand format. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is pregnant, has been pregnant or experiencing menopause to attend. And you don’t need to be experiencing any pelvic floor problems or incontinence to benefit from the information. Thanks so much Kathi.”

“Thank you Kathi for a wonderful and relaxing Discreetly Fit Course. I have been doing my exercises for a week now and I am noticing an improvement. Your wealth of knowledge about the pelvic floor, your fantastic visualisation tactics and your gentle and caring personality helped to make the course so enjoyable and beneficial. I will be highly recommending it to all my friends! Thanks again.”

At first I thought 4.5 hours!? What can we do with pelvic floor in 4.5 hours – seems a lot! But then quickly realised how much more we learn than just the “normal” pelvic floor exercises. It was so informative and interesting and Kathi is so lovely and encouraging. Would recommend it to ALL women to do it!”

Your class was one of the most useful five hours of my life! Thank you Kathi! I wondered afterward why we were taught so many things at school but there was no mention of any of the crucial information that you have shared with us and taught us today. Besides the exercises, I wish I had known your hints and tips years ago. It was life-changing for me.

I’m loving my fitter pelvic floor!! Thanks.”

“A very informative, positive experience. It helped me enormously and was also fun.”

“The experience was fun and informative, helping me to understand my own body more.”

“This is a supportive and rewarding course for women of all ages. Kathi is a wonderful teacher.

“This program was excellent in the way it helped me to become conscious of how my pelvic floor works and how important it’s function is to my well-being. All of the exercises we were introduced to are easy to implement in my everyday life. Thank you Kathi!”

“The knowledge taught in the Discreetly Fit course made me think about most tasks performed in daily life in a new way. The exercises are quickly beneficial and easy to fit into a normal routine.”

“I now have so much more awareness of the things I need to do to protect my pelvic floor. Kathi’s voice is so soothing that doing the exercises doesn’t seem a chore. I’ll be recommending this program to all women I speak to. Thanks Kathi.”

“Wonderful coaching to learn how to use the pelvic floor muscles. I recommend it to every woman of any age.”

This is education for life. Even if you think you are educated and aware of your body you will learn invaluable knowledge and skills.”

“This course opened my eyes to things I had thought about but really needed to know about in more detail.”

This program is so empowering. Highly recommended for women at any stage in life.”

I had my annual medical check today and my doctor was very pleased with the improvement in my pelvic floor muscle strength. It is wonderful that an improvement can be seen already, not even a month after the Discreetly Fit course. Thank you.

Kathi is so knowledgeable on the subject of pelvic floor health and shares this in a warm and open manner. I have learnt so much that I’m sure will help me through my pregnancy and beyond. Fantastic program, highly recommended.

Kathi has a talent for speaking with great clarity and candour about a very personal subject, without making anyone feel uncomfortable. The techniques taught can very realistically be included in anyone’s day, regardless of how busy they are.

A great investment in your own wellbeing. Take the time to do this for yourself.”

“Thanks you Kathi for generously sharing your knowledge and giving me the confidence to deal with pelvic floor issues and feel that it is fun.”

“The course is well structured, has good pace, informative and personal.”

Fantastic way to learn how to use the pelvic floor. These concepts should be taught as part of physical education programs.”

“Immensely helpful and very different from what doctors have told me and what I have read. The approach is far more comprehensive and goes beyond the normal vaginal exercises. It’s like yoga for vaginas (but much more than that). Have been telling my friends already.”

“Thank you for teaching the course, I really enjoyed it. It was great to learn so much more about my pelvic floor and learn how to do the exercises properly. I have been using the voice recordings, joined your Facebook page and I look forward to receiving updates and learning even more.”

“It was a wonderful course, and I just wanted to say how delightful it was to be taught by someone as knowledgeable, thoughtful, kind and warm as you are – keep up the great work and I will definitely spread the word and keep up with my regime.”

“Whether pregnant, or not, this course addresses all the issues affecting the pelvic floor and therefore is for all women of all ages.”

“I confidence has returned. I do feel that my pelvic floor will recover after childbirth, thanks to Kathi. Thank you!”

“Fantastic course. I learnt a lot plus it’s great to know I can make a difference. I will be doing daily exercises!”

“I did your course earlier in the year and just wanted to thank you for making such a difference. I was beginning to feel like an old lady.”

“Knowledge gained in the Discreetly Fit program is a must for all women. To know, understand and experience all parts of the feminine was a wonderful journey. I know my life is different for the experience.”

“Very well explained with a strong focus on practical exercises. I feel equipped and confident to continue the exercises for life. Thank you for caring.”

“Highly recommend this course to all women. The information and exercises provided are excellent and even after 2 weeks, I can feel the difference.”

“Thank you Kathi and thank you Discreetly Fit for sharing your knowledge and skills with me and many other women who are living the day to day frustration of [in]continence and weakness in the pelvic floor area. Your approach to information-giving and training is friendly, engaging and motivating. Your ability to tailor the exercises to the individual needs of women is amazing. I benefited so much from your course. I now enjoy and look forward to my daily exercises. I consider myself fortunate to have been introduced to Discreetly Fit.”

This course is invaluable for women concerned with their inner health and should be a must do!”

Wonderful coaching to learn how to use the pelvic floor muscles. I recommend it to every woman of any age.”

“Discreetly Fit made looking after my pelvic floor achievable. I would highly recommend the course.”

“A wonderful Program. Every woman should do it to learn to take care and respect this important area that is otherwise ignored or taboo.”

Two weeks after attending the Discreetly Fit Course, I have noticed a remarkable improvement in my health. The course was extremely informative, and was conducted in a very sensitive, discreet manner. I was in no way embarrassed even in the company of strangers, I felt completely comfortable. On completion of the course I was very impressed that I had an individual discussion and program, designed just for me. The attention to detail and follow-up have been incredible. I highly recommend anyone to attend this course.”

“Just wanted to say thank you for the workshop. It was an amazing experience and I learnt so much. You have a wealth of knowledge which you so generously shared with us. After just one week of training there has been a huge difference to my prolapse.

“Thank you for the wonderful course which I found so informative. Already on day one I have started my day with the training and I hope I continue the journey. You are such an inspirational person – thank you for making us so aware!”

“It is fantastic to have a safe space for women to openly discuss and learn techniques to strengthen an area that is typically (and unfortunately) a taboo subject in today’s society. Thank you!”

“I attended Kathi’s pelvic floor workshop and I can’t recommend it highly enough. I thought that through my training as a natural therapist and yoga teacher I already knew a lot about the pelvic floor and exercising it…. but I was wrong. Kathi taught me so much more, and everything is practical and down to earth and makes a lot of sense. The biggest “aha” moment for me was the segment about intra abdominal pressure. This new knowledge will change my yoga teaching style for certain postures. Thank you Kathi.”

“The experience of being with a group of women and going through the course has been invaluable. Kathi is very very approachable and has a lovely manner.”

Well worth the time, Kathi is both caring and professional and the ultrasound scan topping off the exercises. Can only highly recommend the course.”

“I certainly enjoyed the course with you- you are a wonderful teacher – and the new knowledge I have gained will ensure my pelvic floor health is just as important as my overall health and well-being.

Kathi was a wonderful teacher, richly knowledgeable and very easy to understand. I felt I learned valuable lessons that I will take with me from now on into my life and have no doubt it will make an enormous difference to my well being.”

“To be honest, I wondered why the course went over 4.5 hours – surely you just learn a few exercises right? WOW! I was blown away by the detailed information I was provided with by the instructor, and by her wonderful humorous and sensitive way in relating it. At the conclusion I felt empowered and better equipped to manage the health of my pelvic floor effectively. I thought I already knew quite a bit (I have 2 children), but was really impressed to learn new things I doubt I would have come across on the internet or via other written material. I have recommended the course to several people, and one is coming next week.”

“Kathi’s patient, supportive and gently approach made it so much easier to learn the right way to look after my pelvic floor, before during and after birth. I learnt a lot of incredibly valuable information and techniques to continue to practice and improve, without once feeling embarrassed about the area we were exercising.”

“The Discreetly Fit experience was more than a discreet experience it was a fully informed and worthwhile experience and really FITS for women! Taught from a place of gentle compassion and deep wisdom. I recommend it to all women.”

“Thank you for the course. I thought it was extremely professional. What made it stand out as a course was your passion and enthusiasm not only for the topic but for connecting with and truly offering assistance and guidance to those in the group.”

“I did not know what to expect from Kathi’s course, and so was a little apprehensive. I needn’t have been! Kathi made me feel comfortable right from the start. Her descriptions, visualisations and the manner in which she presented the information was excellent. I learnt to move parts of my body that had not ever been consciously moved before. I even learnt to breathe correctly and how to improve my posture. I would highly recommend this course to any woman of any age who wants to go forward with a fit, healthy womanly body. Thank you so much Kathi.”

“Thank you for a very knowledgeable and easily practical course and information. It was very good to learn about this essential part of the body. We should be taught this as basic fact when we are teenagers. I am certainly making a concentrated effort to do my exercises and hope that this will assist me when delivery day arrives and afterwards.”

“I would strongly recommend attending the pelvic floor program for any female even considering having children and/or an incredible sex life! From what I’ve learnt in the session, having awareness raised about this issue and women suffering in silence due to lack of education, it can be transforming and enlightening to see them take back their life.”

“May I sing your praises, I walked away from the Discreetly Fit course with 3 things:
1. A greater understanding of my pelvic floor muscles and the importance of their function
2. New strengthening exercises, and
3. A program designed especially for me.
After 3 weeks on the program I felt such an improvement. Being pregnant with child number 3, I don’t have to run to the toilet every hour, with the fear I won’t make it. Thanks for the confidence.”

“I thought that the course was great and that you were extremely professional and helpful as well as very easy to talk to about these sensitive issues. I learnt everything that I needed to know about my pelvic floor and I learnt a lot about my body as well. I found the course very easy to understand and your instructions easy to follow. I think that you did a great job drilling the exercises into us because I haven’t missed a day yet and I think about all the tips you gave us whilst doing everyday things. Thanks again. I will recommend your course to every woman I know.”

“Whether you are expecting a child or have finished with your pregnancies, or are just interested in protecting your pelvic floor fitness for the future, you will get an amazing amount of knowledge from this course that will last a lifetime. I highly recommend Kathi’s course for everyone. Her humour, grace, tact and caring attitude made the information easy to understand and apply. Even after two children, years of yoga and dance and countless physio appointments I still learnt an incredible amount. I can see an improvement already in only 1 week. I wish I had known this when I was pregnant. Please take the opportunity to learn the info about pelvic floor health that has been lost in our culture.


These programs can help you to improve your bladder control, manage urgencies, prevent or lift prolapse and enhance your intimate sensation.


This is your workshop if you prefer self-paced learning with full Help Desk support.


In-person workshops with Real-Time Ultrasound (non-invasive/private setting).

30 Day Reform

Ongoing online practice group for previous workshop participants. Running in March, July, and November.

Free 5-Day Training

Revive the strength potential of your pelvic floor with proper pelvic floor muscle training.