Revive the strength potential of your pelvic floor.

Are you keen to train your pelvic floor muscles but not sure if you’re doing it right?

Have you lost your confidence in pelvic floor exercises?

Is your Kegel mojo running low?

Would you like to know if there is more than just clenching and squeezing?

Here is how you can easily fit proper pelvic floor muscle training into your everyday routine and take a huge step towards enjoying great benefits.

My 5-minute mini-training sequence directly targets the muscles responsible for continence, pelvic organ support, and intimate pleasure.

Learn to correctly perform my powerful and fun exercises and progress towards having:

  • reliable bladder control
  • more support for your prolapse
  • luscious intimate pleasure and
  • a well-toned and well-functioning core.
“This program is so empowering. Highly recommended for women at any stage in life.”

“Immensely helpful and very different from what I have read. The approach is far more comprehensive and goes beyond the normal pelvic floor exercises.”

“Fantastic course. I learned a lot plus it’s great to know I can make a difference. I will be doing daily exercises!”


Starting date TBA.

Day 1

A Speed Date with your Pelvic Floor – 7 minutes
This session will give you a new appreciation for the value of pelvic floor exercises, so you can practice with conviction.

Day 2

Finding Your Pelvic Floor Muscles – 8 minutes
Many women are not sure how to engage their pelvic floor muscles. This session will vanquish any uncertainties.

Day 3

Making Things Right – 10 minutes
We’ll ensure all critical ingredients are in place for a correct pelvic floor contraction unlocking the gates to your results.

Day 4

Your Next Best Move – 15 minutes
Even though your pelvic floor contraction is correct, it can still lack the quality that yields results. Let’s align your muscles for powerful work!

Day 5

The Discreetly Fit Mini Training – 15 minutes
With all of the elements now in place here’s how you can train your pelvic floor muscles with high strengthening potency in a quick five minutes.


Life FB Q&A

I’m here to support you by answering your questions regarding what you’ve learned.

How does it work?

Getting Started

Your welcome email will contain everything you need to know to comfortably complete this program.

Complete the 5-Day Training

There will be 5 short videos released at the Revive Your Pelvic Floor & Core private Facebook group every morning at 8 am Sydney time.  I will also send you an email each morning with a link to these videos, so you’re not left out if you’re not on Facebook.

The recordings will be available for an extra week for your convenience.

Move Forward with Confidence

You’re welcome to ask your questions at the Facebook group under each daily post and during the scheduled live Q&A.

Embrace the Practice

By the end, you’ll be equipped with an easy-to-do 5- minute long training routine that will help to maintain strength, function, and circulation in your pelvic floor. You can regularly practice it on your own, as part of an already existing workout program, or as a stand-alone practice.


These programs can help you to improve your bladder control, manage urgencies, prevent or lift prolapse and enhance your intimate sensation.


This is your workshop if you prefer self-paced learning with full Help Desk support.


In-person workshops with Real-Time Ultrasound (non-invasive/private setting).

30 Day Reform

Ongoing online practice group for previous workshop participants. Running in March, July, and November.

The Works

This guided online program combines The Discreetly Fit Pelvic Floor Exercises & Strategies Workshop and 30 Day Reform.