Zip Up Combo

About this Exercise

This exercise is focusing on:

  • strengthening the pelvic floor musculature,
  • speed and
  • endurance.

Exercise Description

  • Think of your pelvic floor musculature soft and relaxed. There is no tension anywhere and the three passages (anus, vagina, and urethra) are relaxed and open.

  • Contract your pelvic floor muscles (Zip Up) until they reach their maximal elevation.
  • Hold this contraction for six seconds. While you are holding work on tightening, or closing, the passages to ensure the best quality contraction.
  • Release all the way down.
  • Immediately follow with 4 Power Zip Ups (also known as the “Frightened Pussy” exercise). Contract as fast as you can and immediately release. Take no breaks between these fast contractions. Aim for as much power as the speed allows.
  • Fully relax and let go, Allow your pelvic floor to return to a soft, light relaxed state. Also, ensure to release each of the three passages.
  • Repeat after at least two diaphragmatic breaths.

In Short

  • Zip Up to your maximal contraction.
  • Maintain it for six seconds.
  • Release the Zip Up all the way down.
  • Immediately follow with four fast contractions.
  • Release and let go for at least two diaphragmatic breaths before you repeat.

Suggested Number of Repetitions

Minimum 4 

Maximum 8 

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