The SeeSaw

About this Exercise

This exercise is focusing on:

  • creating as much movement as possible in the pelvic floor including the perineal body and
  • pelvic floor muscle strength and coordination.

 We achieve this by altering the movement centres of the vagina and the anus.

Exercise Description

  • Occupy your awareness with the imaginary heavy little ball inserted vaginally.
  • Perform a maximal vaginal contraction. Think of lifting the little ball to the very top of the vagina. Stay in control, avoid rushing.
  • Fully release this contraction with control.
  • Immediately shift the centre of the movement to the anal passage.
  • Perform a maximal anal contraction. Think of narrowing and lifting the anal passage as you are contracting.
  • Fully release this contraction with control.
  • Continue to alternate the contractions between the movement centres without a break this way until you reach your desired number of repetitions.
  • When you are finished fully release both the vagina and the back passage and consciously relax and let go of your pelvic floor for a few diaphragmatic breaths.
  • If you find coordination challenging initially, shift slower between movement centres and keep your contractions light.

In Short

  • Vaginal contraction and release.
  • Anal contraction and release.
  • Only rest after you achieved the desired number of repetitions.

Suggested Number of Repetitions

Minimum 4 cycles (8 contractions in total)

Maximum 8 cycles (16 contractions in total)

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