The Little Ball

About this Exercise

This exercise is focusing on the

  • strength,

  • endurance,

  • coordination and

  • relaxation

of the vagina.

Exercise Description

  • Imagine a heavy little ball inserted vaginally. It is sitting at the base.

  • Over the count of four, slowly and gradually contract your vagina, as you are imagining this heavy little ball elevating to the very top of your vagina.
  • Find your best maximal contraction and maintain it for six seconds.
  • During this endurance work, focus on improving your contraction by closing and drawing up the entire length of the vagina. You can even think of contracting at the base, in the middle and on top or think of lifting the right and left side evenly.
  • Release the contraction, slowly and gradually over the count of four.
  • Fully relax, let go of the contraction and imagine releasing the little ball. Relax the top of the vagina, the middle of it and at the base.
  • Continue the conscious relaxation of the vagina for 6 seconds or at least two diaphragmatic breaths.

In Short

  • Vaginal contraction over the count of four
  • Maximize and maintain for six seconds
  • Release over the count of four
  • Fully let go and soften the vaginal walls
  • Two diaphragmatic breaths before your repeat.

Suggested Number of Repetitions

Minimum 4 reps

Maximum 8 reps

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