30 Day Reform Guidelines

Here is how things roll


There are three chapters to complete over 30 days. These are:

  • 10 Days of Strength
  • 10 Days of Function
  • 10 Days of Protection

Reviews of what to practice

The content of these chapters is outlined on this site so you know exactly what to practice for the 10 days ahead. Each review is going to take you approximately 10 minutes. You can travel through your reviews with the help of the ” Up Next” links on the base of each page if you wish.

Align Your Intention

Before each chapter take a moment to absorb what needs to be done and think where and when you are going to implement what is required. Close your eyes, clear your mind and visualize yourself doing your pelvic floor exercises and in everyday situations when you are putting your skills into practice. Permit and reserve a tiny little time for this. Commit yourself to the practice.

Voice Recordings – Try a New Routine!

Find the voice recordings for all pelvic floor exercise routines under the “Discreetly Fit Training (audio files)” page. Don’t worry, they are all build up from the original 5 exercises that you have already learned during the course. Try all mixes to give the variety your pelvic floor loves so much!

Log Your Discreetly Fit Training Sessions

Aim to perform your pelvic floor exercises at least 1/day for 30 days. Make every single contraction count! You can log your training sessions via:

  • the button on the top of the page where the voice recordings are
  • text “log” to 0406 501 509 (please include your name in your first text)
  • email the word “Log” to info@discreetlyfit.com

Exercise of the Month

These full body exercises with a pelvic floor twist can be a lovely optional complement to your pelvic floor exercises. They are easy to do and specifically selected for their high potential to benefit you in a number of ways. 

Daily Tips & Messages

These are really helpful to keep you on track. Look out for my email at 6 pm every day. Guess the name of the famous woman on the header of my emails and you can win a box of chocolate by the end.

Our Private Facebook Space The Discreetly Fit Café

During the Reform, you can take advantage of the privacy and support of this space. Join here. This is where we can keep in touch and where you can ask your questions. Tap into my brain and the extensive knowledge and vast experience of Mary O’Dwyer. Mary is one of the most experienced and respected leading Australian Pelvic Health Physiotherapist and author. If you are not a Facebook user, don’t worry, I will update you with all Q&As in my daily emails and you are welcome to email me your questions.


In the Reform’s Library, you can browse through previous questions and answers by me and the brilliant Mary.  

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