Why is posture important in pelvic floor health?

Posture is an extremely important component of pelvic floor health. This is because when you draw your body tall and align it well you can defuse the impact of the two major forces that can challenge your pelvic floor:

  • the pull of gravity and
  • the push of the downward shifting internal content.

This means that holding yourself well can protect your pelvic floor.

Additionally, an aligned, tall posture also optimises core -including pelvic floor- function.

The Goal

The goal is to maintain optimal posture during physically demanding activities with pelvic floor and pelvic organ positioning in mind. Remember our posture is dynamic, adaptable and not fixed and rigid.

Here is what we are looking for:​

  • Draw yourself comfortably tall
  • Elongate your neck and relax your shoulders
  • The upper back is flat and broad
  • Lengthen your abdominal wall
  • Ribs down, avoid flaring them out
  • Line up your body

Tips for office workers:

  •  Sit mostly with uncrossed legs, feet flat on the floor
  • Choose a chair height that slopes your thighs downwards and avoids shrugging your shoulders when you use the armrest
  • Arrange your monitor to be at eye level
  • Sit comfortably upright, use lumbar support if it feels right
  • Align your body
  • Take a quick break at least every 20 minutes even if you just stand up for a stretch


Implement regular inquiries into your posture out through your day. Perhaps you can link this with breath checks. Apply great awareness of your posture during activities e.g.: making the bed, washing up dishes, during exercise. Catch yourself losing your hold by quickly scanning your body for slumping and misalignment. Reset slipped elements.

​If you are unable to accomplish tall and aligned posture and despite your best efforts you feel restricted or uncomfortable when applying it, consider contacting a professional like a physiotherapist for troubleshooting.

​Slumping during relaxation times is normal e.g.: watching tv. or reading on the sofa.

Practice tip

Get to know your desired alignment with help from a full-size mirror.

  • Stand side on to the mirror.
  • Look straight ahead and apply your best tall, aligned posture.
  • Keep looking forward and take a side on selfie.
  • Analyze the image.

Feel free to post this image in the Café for a second opinion.

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