Boosting PF Power

When you consciously activate your pelvic floor muscles during ordinary everyday activities you can:

  • encourage and strengthen natural pelvic floor function
  • improve bladder and bowel control
  • enhance the security of pelvic organ positioning
  • improve core function and stability.

The Goal

When and how you apply this technique depends on the potency of your pelvic floor function. Some people need to apply it strongly and regularly, others not so much. Only use it when you need to and only as much as you need to.

Here is when you may need to Zip Up

  • coughing, sneezing, laughing
  • blowing (e.g.: – your, nose)
  • lifting, pushing, pulling, carrying
  • exerting effort e.g.: opening jar tops or making the bed,
  • getting out of the car and up from a chair
  • jumping
  • stepping down from something​

At times when you would like to further increase your pelvic floor control, the following techniques can be helpful. Try them to see what works best for you.

  • ​For a sneeze in addition to a confident Zip Up cross your legs to press your thighs together and also squeeze your bum cheeks together. Maintain this position as you sneeze.
  • Tip forward from your hip with a straight back in addition to your Zip Up for example when you blow your nose or laugh. Keep your legs close together or crossed. This action redirects the path of your internal content away from your pelvic floor.
  • If your pelvic floor is too fatigued to Zip Up, perhaps from continuous coughing or after surgery apply manual perineal pressure. This can be from sitting on a chair, a rolled up towel or holding on to your pelvic floor with your hand.


If you feel practising could be helpful, implement the following exercise in sitting first, then standing:

  • Inhale and Zip Up
  • Exhale and hold
  • Let go.

To add an element of practicality blow onto a ping-pong ball, tissue or practice blowing out a candle.

Hot Spot

  • Couple your pelvic floor activation with postural consciousness.
  • Zip Up with a special focus on closing and lifting the urethra and vagina.

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