Here is how to quickly boost the power of your pelvic floor muscles.

Do you sometimes wish you knew how to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles quickly, so your bladder control was suddenly stronger, your prolapse more supported and your intimate sensation intensified?

Although you can definitely strengthen your bladder control, create more support for your prolapse and enhance your pleasure with the Discreetly Fit Workshop, our exercises need a few weeks to create lasting strength. Until they do, here is a super simple and useful technique to temporarily help you out.

You can easily use this practice anywhere, anytime, and nobody will even know what you’re doing.

Here is how it can help

Apply our Pelvic Floor Boost right before you want stronger muscles so it can help you to:

  • Stay active ~ Run, jump, dance, exercise, and lift weights with more confidence.
  • Enjoy enhanced pleasure ~ Feel more during intimacy.
  • Ease prolapse symptoms ~ Lighten the pressure at your base.
  • Control haemorrhoids ~ especially after you pooped.
  • Hold on longer ~ when a loo is three hours away.
  • Cough, sneeze and blow your nose with better control ~ when you have a cold or flu.


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