Kick start your pelvic floor strength

in just 5 minutes a day.

Join my 5-day mini course & start going out in confidence.

  • Do you have bladder control issues or prolapse?
  • Do you feel little or nothing during sex?
  • Is your core weak?
  • Do you struggle to complete your pelvic floor exercises to remedy issues?
  • Unsure of how to do them? Get no results?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then this mini course is purrfect for you.

Here’s how you can easily fit pelvic floor exercises into your daily routine and achieve results.

Hi, I’m Katalin Janssens, and I’ve been helping women master their pelvic floor exercises for the past 13 years. I know how hard it is to do pelvic floor exercises right, adhere to them and fully realise their precious benefits. I also know how annoying, inconveniencing, frustrating, depressing and embarrassing pelvic floor issues can be.

So, to help you out, I created this simple, super time- and cost-efficient, self-guided mini course. It will position you to achieve the absolute best results from pelvic floor exercises in the simplest possible way.

I will teach you to correctly perform a powerful and fun pelvic floor training routine with my well-established method for

  • carefree bladder control
  • effective prolapse management
  • luscious sexual pleasure and
  • a well-toned core


 “This program is so empowering. Highly recommended for women at any stage in life.”

 “Immensely helpful and very different from what I have read. The approach is far more comprehensive and goes beyond the normal pelvic floor exercises.”

“Fantastic course. I learnt a lot plus it’s great to know I can make a difference. I will be doing daily exercises!”

How does it work?

You’ll receive 5 daily videos, where I talk you through exercises that will increase your pelvic floor strength in exact detail.

Day 1 – A Speed Date with your Pelvic Floor – 7 minutes
This session will give you a new appreciation for the value of pelvic floor exercises, so you can practice with conviction.

Day 2 – Finding Your Pelvic Floor Muscles – 8 minutes
Many women are not sure how to engage their pelvic floor muscles. This session will vanquish any uncertainties.

Day 3 – The Perfect Contraction – 10 minutes
Getting your exercises right will unlock the gates to your results. We’ll ensure that all critical ingredients are in place for a correct pelvic floor contraction.

Day 4 – Your Very Best Contraction – 15 minutes
Even though your pelvic floor contraction is correct, it can still lack the quality that yields results. Let’s align your muscles for powerful work!

Day 5 – Purr with Power Pelvic Floor Training – 15 minutes
With all of the elements now in place here’s how you can train your pelvic floor muscles with high strengthening potential in a quick five minutes.

Plus receive a bonus voice recording to assist with your daily exercises after the 5 days.

Still got questions? I can help.