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Pelvic Floor & Full Body Relaxation

This audio-guided relaxation can help you to release built-up tension from your pelvic floor muscles. Knowing how to do this is helpful, as it can safeguard the normative tone of your pelvic floor muscles and help relieve overall anxiety. Besides, engaging in a few minutes of relaxation is a great way to care for your precious self.

This practise is designed for your body and mind. What’s different and unique about it is the specific focus on releasing unnecessary tension from the pelvic floor muscles.

To best engage in this relaxation, find a quiet place, turn your phone on silent and ensure you won’t be disturbed for a few minutes (lock the dog out!).

When you’re ready, lie down comfortably. Have your knees slightly bent and supported from underneath with pillows or similar. Place your arms away from your body with your palms facing upwards. Ensure you’re warm and comfortable (don’t forget your socks).

If it’s impossible to create such an environment, you can also phase out while travelling on public transport or anywhere else. If you become distracted by the noises or thoughts, return to my voice’s sound.

The track runs for about a quarter of an hour, but the voice guidance is approximately 10 minutes.




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Elevate yourself to the most powerful position to achieve and secure care-free pelvic floor function for life. Available in Sydney & Online.

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This program is running every March, July, and November to provide ongoing online support after completing the Discreetly Fit Workshop.

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These five days will get you on the right track of pelvic floor muscle training.

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