Self care is doing something for yourself that you might not necessarily NEEEED right now, but it serves to maintain or improve your emotional, physical, or mental wellbeing.

Self care feeds your happiness level top nutrition.

It’s totally ok to engage in such activity without feeling guilty – even if it involves doing nothing – despite other’s desire for you to do something else.

Is self care selfish?

It can be if at the time other’s needs are more pressing than your catchup date with Harrison Ford for example.

It’s all about priorities. Where do you draw the line weighing up short and long distance benefits of what’s more important?

I know I’m a much more pleasant human being when I look after myself and put myself ahead of a load of washing. That’s a huge impact on me and the people around me.

I also know that inserting 10 minutes of kick arse pelvic floor training between my shower and falling asleep tonight will be a priceless contribution towards my playing with kids or dogs in 5-10 years time without worrying about incontinence and prolapse.

Does saying “NO” feel like a failure?

I know…. I know… we’re supposed to be domestic goddesses, super mums, working horses, and fitness bunnies all in the same time “to be successful”.

But being all of that honestly meet your deeper and greater needs, pleasures, and desires?

Are you connecting with the truth about what’s enriching you and working for you?

When is enough is enough?

Where do you draw the line?

Do you draw the line?

Perhaps as we’re gliding into a new year full of hopes these are good thoughts to linger on.


These programs can help you to improve your bladder control, manage urgencies, prevent or lift prolapse and enhance your intimate sensation.


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