Here is something that can wake up your pelvic floor from sluggish slumber– like a home quarantine – so it can keep up when things go back to their normal activity level.

This simple practice invites abundant circulation into your pelvic floor muscles.

Consciously boosting pelvic floor circulation at times can help to maintain your pelvic floor muscles strong and functional, so they are better able to keep you continent, support your pelvic organs and do their bits as part of the core.

Here are some examples when you’d consider applying this practice.

→ When you’ve been sitting or standing for a long time (20min+).
→ Regularly during menopause to improve vaginal tissue condition.
→ During menstruation, if you use tampons or cups.
→ If you wear a prolapse pessary.
→ If an infection is present.
→ When your feet or bum gets cold.

Practice in any position, drawing yourself comfortably tall. Apply half-strength contractions and work at your own speed. Some pelvic floors are faster than others.

If you experience pelvic floor pain or spasm, if you have a non-relaxing pelvic floor or if this practice triggers such symptoms, this practice is not recommended for you.


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The Quick Pelvic Floor Boosting Technique

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