Previously we have established that your professionally led workouts can make or break your pelvic floor.

Here are my two tips from earlier on how to find the right fitness trainer who will give a hoot about your pelvic floor during your workouts: 

  •  Check if the trainer has attended any women’s fitness specific courses and workshops.
  • Note if your risk of pelvic floor dysfunction was determined by your trainer during your initial pre-workout chat.

What else can set you on the right track to find the right fitness trainer?

The next thing to consider is how comfortable you feel with this particular fitness trainer.

Could you tell this person if you lost bladder control during your workout of if your prolapse got worse?

This is important because if you don’t speak up about these issues your trainer will have no idea that the threshold of your pelvic floor was exceeded and happily continue just the same. This would promote long term incontinence and prolapse. However…

if you speak up the right fitness trainer can make necessary steps to avoid your bladder leaks or prolapse worsening.

So instead of pushing you on she or he will modify your activity for now and plan specific strengthening exercises, work on technique, breath and posture to enable you to progress without pelvic floor symptoms.

Your trainer should also advise you and continually encourage you to do PELVIC FLOOR EXERCISES on your own.


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The Quick Pelvic Floor Boosting Technique

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