There are many attractive claims about “yoni egg” practices, which involve inserting a crystal (most commonly jade) egg into the vagina.

Claims of this practice include amazing benefits, such as protection from uterine prolapse, improved bladder control, more intense orgasms, and enhanced hormonal balance and menstrual cycle – all due to the healing properties of crystals.

It all sounds wonderful but do yoni eggs work? Can they truly deliver all of these fantastic benefits?

Where does the Yoni Egg practice come from (allegedly)?

According to a romanticised story, jade eggs were used by queens and female concubines in ancient China to strengthen their vaginas so they could provide more pleasure to their masters. (Eek! Nothing screams female empowerment more than doing something for no other reason than pleasuring your overlord, right?)

Hey, I’m all for a quick fix and a bit of magic! If it’s legit … but if you’re thinking about purchasing a yoni egg for yourself as a special little pick-me-up, please put your credit card away for a quick second and continue reading.

So…. do yoni eggs work?

There is zero clinical evidence – naught! – backing any of the claims about these crystals. They may be pretty, but they’re also porous (yes, even the hardest jade), and therefore, they are able to harbour harmful bacteria. As a result, they can elevate your risk factor for bacterial vaginosis.

Casually slipping a yoni egg in during the day for extended periods of time, or sleeping with one inside of you, can also wreak great pelvic floor havoc.

Just imagine carrying a load of weight on your shoulders all day long, without allowing your working muscles to ever relax.

How would your muscles feel around your neck? Sore, tight, exhausted, fatigued?

Well … that’s how your pelvic floor muscles will feel after carrying a crystal egg for an hour or two. Eventually, these muscles can become so fatigued that the egg just falls out all by itself.

This is NOT exercising the pelvic floor; it’s stressing it out!

The last thing we need in our vaginas is a drawing-down force instead of a lifting one.

Can you imagine how this would completely diminish the ability of your pelvic floor muscles to keep you continent at your next sudden blast sneeze? Or support your organs during a heavy lifting episode?

It’s true that physios may prescribe vaginal weights during pelvic floor rehab, but these are made from medical-grade silicone or plastic and are never worn for an extended period or used without supervision.

Okay, so wearing one during the day is not a great idea in my opinion, but how about sleeping with one? You’re right in assuming that the pelvic floor muscles will not be carrying the yoni egg since you’re horizontal during slumber. However, the hard object inside you will place pressure on delicate blood vessels for many hours, restricting blood flow and causing vaginal tissues to be starved for vital nutrition and oxygen.

If you’re after a well-lubricated, sensitive vagina in great condition, this is not the way to go about it!

Of course, what you put into your vagina, and for how long, is your prerogative. But if you’re considering a yoni egg for its therapeutical properties, you’re operating on false pretences.

And the story about the Chinese queens and concubines … yeah … you guessed it. There are no historical records to confirm it ever happened.


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