Some women believe that Pilates alone will fix poor bladder control and prolapse. So, why would they need to do Pelvic Floor Exercises (PFEs)? It would just be a waste of time, right? Wrong. Let’s explore why.

The pelvic floor muscles not only work as part of the inner core, but they also play a major role in bladder and bowel control, sensation levels during intimacy, and pelvic organ support.

So, if the pelvic floor muscles are too weak to function well the core can become weak, bladder control troublesome and pelvic organ position destabilised. In this case the muscles of the base need strengthening in order to fix things.

How can Pilates help with bladder control & prolapse?

Pilates improves the overall condition of your body, including muscle strength, flexibility, coordination, muscle balance, and circulation. Pilates also requires the pelvic floor muscles to appropriately engage in movement. All of these elements support the reliable function and strengthening of the pelvic floor. 

What can Pelvic Floor Exercises do for your base?

Extensive research demonstrates that PFEs increase pelvic floor muscle strength. In fact, it’s the one proven form of physical activity that can fix (or reduce) stress incontinence in women. This is because PFEs represent the only way to apply strength training principles to these muscles. Therefore, PFEs are also successfully employed as a treatment method for prolapse and sexual insensitivity.

When should you do PFEs regardless of your Pilates practice?

When your goal is to remedy bladder control issues, take charge of your prolapse or enhance sexual pleasure keep up your PFEs alongside your Pilates practice to maximise your chance of achieving what you want. The combination can be magic. However, bear in mind that we are not simply talking about clenching at a traffic light or at the dinner table.

Do you know how to optimise PFEs?

Only a correct and structured pelvic floor exercise routine that achieves sufficient loading will result in your pelvic floor muscles growing stronger. Most women are either unsure of or incorrect about their pelvic floor contractions, ineffective with their strengthening efforts, or both. If you are serious about securing a strong and youthful base for yourself, it’s wise to invest in learning how to do PFEs properly. The Discreetly Fit Course can set you up in the best possible way.


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