With little effort, you can help your Lady Garden blossom through a scorching hot and humid summer without infections and irritations. Here are some “gardening” tips to ensure a sexy bloom instead of an itching, burning, discharge that makes you run to the loo way too often. For any garden to prosper, you need to:

  • Get the moisture levels right,
  • Get the environment right,
  • Provide plenty of nutrition and
  • Safeguard against mechanical damage.

When things get very wet (and not in a good way)

Yeast loooooves wet and humid environments so to keep things under control:

  • Change out of your wet swimmers as soon as you can, even if it is inconvenient,
  • Thoroughly gently pat dry your vulva,
  • Carry an extra pair of undies to change into as soon as possible after your workout, and
  • Change your underwear more than once daily if you are prone to sweating in hot weather.

When things get too hot, yeast can easily invade your Vajayjay. Here are some tips for conscious environmental control.


Undies that are comfortably “loose” and made out of natural fibre, such as cotton or silk, are your Lady Garden’s favourite. She likes to wear things that breathe well and keep her cool.

Even better? Go without knickers when you can, especially when you are already experiencing an infection!


Panty liners act like a cling film on your vulva. They block airflow and generate excessive heat and moisture. Unless it’s absolutely necessary, wearing them is not desirable especially during the summer months.

The Muff

Your pubic hair acts as your intimate zone’s insulation from the heat and a protective barrier from germs. Trimming instead of the full Monty might be a good compromise if you prefer the more manicured look.

Awesome Pelvic Floor Exercises

Pelvic floor exercises are the fertilisers of your pelvic floor. Not only do they maintain the strength of your pelvic floor muscles, they also boost circulation to the area, which can make you more immune to infections and help you to recover faster from them.

Protect the good guys

There is an abundance of good bacteria colonising your vagina. These champions keep infection-causing bacteria at bay. Deodorising, douching your under-courage, or using other products on the vulva/vaginal area can kill your foo foo fighters. Without a full army of these champions, you are vulnerable to infections. Besides, your Lady Garden already smells perfect … Well … just like your very own vagina. A good thing!

Easy does it

Many things can cause physical damage to the skin of your vulva. This may quickly escalate to a full irritation during the summer. Watch out for rubbing and scratching from the following:

  • Tight-fitting clothing, such as exercise gear, pantyhose, G-strings, and skin-tight trousers,
  • Drying off roughly,
  • Forceful sex, and
  • Bike riding.

Happy Grounds-Keeping


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The Quick Pelvic Floor Boosting Technique

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