About how this program can help you

Correctly learn unique and powerful Kegel routines, simple practical strategies and receive the support you need to have a stronger pelvic floor.

Know how strengthen & maintain your pelvic floor so you can:

  • Trust your bladder and bowel control even when you sneeze, exercise, being intimate or just had a cup of coffee.
  • Manage and have control over your urinary urgencies.
  • Lift and support your prolapse.
  • Boost your intimate vitality and pleasure.
  • Tone your core and optimise its function.

You can use the Discreetly Fit Training and practices as a self-management strategy alone or as part of a multidisciplinary plan to resolve your issues.

If you want to strengthen your pelvic floor, keep it working well, and do everything you can not to experience ongoing issues, then the Discreetly Fit program can offer you proven methods to achieve your goals.

Reclaim your confidence and power over your pelvic floor strength. Equip yourself with game-changing skills that are easy to learn and follow. Learn the Discreetly Fit Training which is fun to perform and realistic to stick to.

You’ll be practicing exercises and strategies that are firmly based on undeniable scientific evidence. They’re proved to be effective for recovering from incontinence, lifting or managing prolapse, and achieving a higher level of intimate satisfaction.

Since pelvic floor exercises are a simple and powerful way of increasing pelvic floor muscle strength, this program is here to assist you to learn them well and put them into practice.

“I was lucky enough to experience both Kathi’s workshop for fitness professionals and a half-day in club workshop for my staff and members. Her professionalism and knowledge showed through during both sessions and her passion for helping women was the absolute highlight. She discussed every issue with every person and made them feel so comfortable and at the end you could see every person in attendance had an overwhelming feeling of relief that “I am ok and I can keep doing what I love to do, this will not stop me” Thank you Kathi for your passion and we will definitely be holding more sessions in the future.”

Jessica Wagner

Coach & Frenchisee, Curves North Richmond

“I have completed the Discreetly Fit Course online. The instructions were so clear that I had no problem learning all five exercises correctly. It has been easy to do them on most of my days and they are clearly working brilliantly. I am confident I know how to protect myself from future issues now.”

Csilla Dvorszky-Dobson

Course Participant

The Discreetly Fit Story

Hi, I’m Kathi Janssens. DISCREETLY FIT BEGAN in 2005, a year after the joyful birth of my daughter. It happened as I woke up to the fact that changes affecting my pelvic floor following pregnancy and childbirth could be long-lasting and could deteriorate with additional pregnancies and ageing – unless I took specific action to prevent them.

At that time, I realised how much I didn’t know about my pelvic floor, despite a long professional career in the fitness industry and as an exercise therapist. I was confronted by the dearth of in-depth, high-quality women’s health education available.

So I embarked upon the research and development that is the basis of the Discreetly Fit program to enable women who find themselves in the same shoes to take charge of their own pelvic floor health.

Later, I collaborated with Mary O’Dwyer, pelvic health specialist physiotherapist, to guarantee that only top-quality information is delivered through Discreetly Fit, and to ensure that the content always remains up-to-date.

Since Discreetly Fit launched in 2006 hundreds of women have taken part in the program and have achieved terrific results. I hope I’ll have a chance to share the Discreetly Fit program with you too and support you to achieve your goals.

The apple symbolises knowledge, beauty, femininity, the womb, health, wholeness, happiness, love, sexuality, youth, and life. The colour red calls for action, courage and passion.


These programs can help you to improve your bladder control, manage urgencies, prevent or lift prolapse and enhance your intimate sensation.


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