Discreetly Fit offers courses to teach you researched backed Kegel exercises which are powerful weapons against incontinence, prolapse and sexual insensitivity. Created in collaboration with an internationally recognised pelvic health physio.

There are so many programs and gadgets promising magical results.



Life is too short. Discreetly Fit will only teach you what you absolutely need to know about maintaining your base in a straightforward manner, without twisting you into a knot or baffling you with complicated anatomical terms.


Discreetly Fit is not a risky stock market investment. Her practices are guaranteed by hardcore evidence.


Discreetly Fit saves you feeling as confused as a chameleon in a box of Skittles  from hours of Googling superficial information about how to do Kegel (or pelvic floor) exercises and trying to learn from a free download or app.


You can listen to Discreetly Fit Online and the 30 Day Reform over and over again, without worrying about failing to pick up something important on the first go.


Your specialist gynaecologist or physiotherapist will love you for making friends with Discreetly Fit and Kegels. It gives them renewed hope that they will never have to see you again (nothing personal I’m sure).


Discreetly Fit is not asking you to invest in a piece of equipment that requires ongoing maintenance and cleaning, only to have it end up in the garage next to the treadmill. So she also helps you to save on batteries (so you can spend the money on chocolate instead, which is good for your emotional well-being). You don’t need to conduct a secret spy operation either every time you want to exercise, because you don’t need to privately slip anything inside your vagina.


With Discreetly Fit Kegel Exercises, your muscles can freely move without the restriction of anything inside, which is most ideal for muscle development.

ONLY Discreetly Fit specialises in teaching you Kegels, in precise and in-depth detail, far beyond standard instructions.

Discreetly Fit transforms research backed exercises into powerful weapons against incontinence, prolapse and sexual insensitivity.

Perhaps you are simply a little curious? Attend A FREE talk.

Katalin Janssens – Sydney & Online

Creator, Program Director, Exercise Therapist & Women’s Health Educator

I was born in Hungary and began my exercise journey with grand, complex movements as an Olympic-level gymnast and reduced my routine to Kegel exercises in 2005.

Previously, I worked as a presenter for Nike, a cabin crew member for Emirates, a Sports and Fitness Program coordinator for the Dubai police force, and a revue dancer at the Moulin Rouge.

Today, I am overjoyed to facilitate the Discreetly Fit Program and to provide personal support for those women who join in. 

I am an expert in teaching Kegel exercises to women who simply want to learn them, who need them, who have no idea how to do them, who are unsure or confused about them, are afraid of them, curious about them, who have already tried them and gotten nowhere or want to learn them as a birthday present to themselves.

I love my work and I am admittedly addicted to the glowing shimmer of my clients’ appreciation and achievements.

I am also a passionately devoted mother, a mediocre cook, and a great rollerblader.

Mary O’Dwyer

Special Guest – Pelvic Health Physiotherapist and Author

Mary is an Australian pelvic health physiotherapist who truly understands the results women can achieve with the right resources.

Mary generously reviews the Discreetly Fit program content to ensure that the information presented is the very best in pelvic floor health and is synced with the latest research. 

You will meet Mary at the Discreetly Fit Café, which is our private online forum, during our 30 Day Reforms, where she provides answers to question, drawing from the depth of her impressive fountain of knowledge. To raise awareness of prevention and treatment of pelvic floor issues in women Mary has published “My Pelvic Flaw”, “Hold It Sister” (The Confident Girls’ Guide to a Leak-Free Life) and “Hold It Mama” (The Pelvic Floor and Core Guide to Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond).

Her voluntary work for the Australian Continence Association involves speaking at forums and educational events and conducting workshops for fitness trainers, allied health professionals, and midwives.

Mary is also a faboulus beekeeper and honey maker, and she loves spending time with her adorable grandchildren.

Kelly Ozoux – Dubai

Discreetly Fit Pelvic Floor Exercise Coach, Women’s Health Educator, Pilates Instructor & Personal Trainer

Owing to an extremely sedentary childhood and having enjoyed a party lifestyle throughout my early teens, I began questioning my own health and developed a passion for health and fitness. I completed my first fitness certification when I was 18 years old.

Throughout my twenties, I certified as a personal trainer whilst becoming a service trainer and on-board manager with Emirates Airline. Whilst I began to get very involved in teaching Les Mills group exercise programs, my focus was drawn towards female clients and their specific needs.

After hanging up my heels and globe-trotting lifestyle, I became a mother, twice within a year! This was the catalyst that made me decide to direct my attention wholeheartedly on female fitness, and the problems friends and clients were facing, after childbirth, prior to or during menopause and sometimes just through extreme exercise. My research led me to the Discreetly Fit program.

Following intensive training by Katalin Janssens, the founder of the program, I am now proudly a facilitator. As an expert in coaching women from all over the world in utilising kegel exercises, practical strategies for everyday living and Pilates to help improve their quality of life and boost their self-esteem, I am honoured to be able to offer Discreetly Fit courses for women in the Middle East.

“I was lucky enough to experience both Kathi’s workshop for fitness professionals and a half-day in club workshop for my staff and members. Her professionalism and knowledge showed through during both sessions and her passion for helping women was the absolute highlight. She discussed every issue with every person and made them feel so comfortable and at the end you could see every person in attendance had an overwhelming feeling of relief that “I am ok and I can keep doing what I love to do, this will not stop me” Thank you Kathi for your passion and we will definitely be holding more sessions in the future.”

Jessica Wagner

Coach & Frenchisee, Curves North Richmond

“I have completed the Discreetly Fit Course online. The instructions were so clear that I had no problem learning all five exercises correctly. It has been easy to do them on most of my days and they are clearly working brilliantly. I am confident I know how to protect myself from future issues now.”

Csilla Dvorszky-Dobson

Still got questions? I can help.