30 Day Pelvic Floor Reform

With Kati Janssens Discreetly Fit Program Director

This practice group is exclusively for those women who have previously completed the Discreetly Fit Workshop.

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If you answer YES to any of these questions, then jump on board!.

  • Are you ready to commit to Discreetly Fit exercises and best pelvic floor practices for a month?
  • Do you want to feel stronger in just 30 days?
  • Would you like to reconnect with your pelvic floor work or polish your practice?

This super motivating, guided, all-online program will support you to stay on track with the Discreetly Fit Training and practical strategies.

“I have no more need for my panty liners which I had to wear daily at 42…!”

Jessica ~ 2017


About these 30 days

Brush Up on  Your Pelvic Floor Exercises & Strategies

Here you can find all you need to stay connected with your skills.

  • Easy Reviews ~ Breeze through our easy-to-navigate, short webpages and feel it all flooding back to you.
  • Short Videos  ~ Watch these instructional recordings of each of our pelvic floor exercises and perform your training in confidence.
  • Daily Tips ~ These quick email reminders will land in your mailbox every morning at 8 am, and they bring focus on essential elements of practice.

Perform the Discreetly Fit Training Regularly

These are the exact same five exercises that you’ve already learnt during our workshop.

  • Pelvic Floor Training Collection ~ Exercise with our ever-growing training routines to keep things interesting for your pelvic floor and mind.
  • Audio Files ~ Achieve best quality training by exercising with voice guidance for guaranteed results.
  • Accountability ~ Challenge yourself to achieve 30 training sessions over 30 days.

Apply Best Pelvic Floor Practices

Strengthen and protect bladder control, organ position, optimal core function, and sexual sensation.

  • Reinforce Your Habits ~ Protect your pelvic floor function as you get on with your everyday activities.
  • Boost Your Pelvic Floor Power ~ Apply the correct technique. Practice makes perfect.
  • Build Consciousness of Movement ~ during your ordinary tasks and exercise. 

Be Motivated by Professional Guidance & Support

Kathi will support you every step of the way during these 30 days.

  • Timely Messages ~ We’ll stay in touch with you to ensure you’ll always know what you’re supposed to be doing.
  • Ask Away ~ No question is too big or too small. You can ask Kathi anything about your pelvic floor in confidential emails.
  • Library of Q&A ~ Browse our history of previous queries and replies.
  • Have Fun ~ We often spice up the program with a special challenge for extra enjoyment (participation is optional).

Get Your Body Moving

Our full-body exercises are easy to do and specifically selected for their high potential to benefit you in several ways.

  • Special Pelvic Floor Focus ~ Each exercise can enhance the effectiveness of your pelvic floor training.
  • Extra Benefits ~ Tone, strengthen and improve core function.
  • Select From the Hub ~ choose from several exercises.
  • Relaxation Tracks ~ Reward yourself with a few minutes of time-out. 

“I LOVE the audio files- makes doing the exercises easy and I feel that I’m doing them far more effectively. Also doubles as a mindfulness exercise.”

“The Discreetly Fit Reform has been a great program and I definitely felt more motivated by being accountable for each day’s practice. It has become more of a routine now and feels sustainable. I also liked the timely messages. The little prompts were handy for recall and reinforced my learning. Thanks for the opportunity, I’ll be sorry to see it end.”

“Many thanks for the 30-day Reform, I really felt a difference over the course of the month.”