Pelvic Floor Muscle Training Workshops

Hi, I'm Kati Janssens; my workshops can help you to protect your bladder and bowel control, stop rushing to the loo and lift your prolapse.
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Become empowered and confident in self-managing your pelvic floor with evidence based pelvic floor muscle training and practical protective strategies.

Improve your bladder control.

Strengthen bowel continence.

Control sudden urges to pee.

Take charge of your prolapse.

Strengthen your core function.

Feel healthy, sexy and confident.

How is my pelvic floor muscle training different?

The exercises involved are:


Each Discreetly Fit exercise is strategically selected and tested to target all the crucial areas of pelvic floor muscle development you need in everyday life, resulting in improved strength, speed, coordination, endurance, and relaxation.


The Discreetly Fit Training Method emphasises the absolute correct technique. It purposefully creates maximum diverse movement and the ideal training intensity for your pelvic floor muscles to respond with improved condition and function.


Sequencing Discreetly Fit Exercises in different variations create FUN and engaging training routines. Such routines can eliminate boredom, one of the biggest hurdles in maintaining pelvic floor exercise practices.


You can efficiently perform all powerhouse Discreetly Fit pelvic floor muscle training routines in 5–10 minutes once a day, anywhere, anytime, without the aid of any internal vaginal devices and without anyone knowing you are doing them.

But there is so much more to know….

Is having a leaky bladder and prolapse an inevitable part of being a woman?

Well… they can be…. But they don’t have to be!

We all lose pelvic floor muscle strength as we mature and undergo hormonal changes like menopause or may go through pregnancy and childbirth.

Fortunately, there is a lot you can do to keep your pelvic floor working well. The key is knowing what to do and applying it in protective quantities.

My program is the perfect platform to get what you need for this to happen: correct information, skills, exercises, support, and accountability

pelvic floor muscle training for women

“I can thank you for your course which I went to at Balmain in 2013. I have joined in on your 30 Day Pelvic Floor Reform three times every year since then. I practice your Pelvic Floor Exercises nearly every day and feel enervated and stronger each time. Thank you.”

Sally Lockrey

“It is really important to me to maintain my pelvic floor health. The course was very informative and I really appreciated the voice recordings online. I think that all women should take this course to prevent pelvic floor weakness in later life.”

Daisy Little


Here’s when this workshop is right for you.

Ideally, you’re prepared to make your pelvic floor your a high-priority project, as you’re keen to achieve results and ready to give it your best shot.

pelvic floor exercises for women

You don’t have a “problem”, but you experience occasional bladder accidents, or your doctor tells you that you have a prolapse.

Random, annoying bladder accidents, urgencies, and saggy pelvic organs are widespread experiences for women and can turn into regular, more prominent events in time. Even if they come and go now, this is the best time to stop them from impacting you more significantly and interfering with your quality of life and how you feel about yourself.

“This program is so empowering. Highly recommended for women at any stage in life.”

Participant testimonial

You experience persistent incontinence and prolapse issues, and somebody advised you to do pelvic floor muscle training (Kegels).

Remaining compliant with your exercises can make or break your progress. Since this program has evolved from physiotherapy practices, it serves as a perfect complement to the work of your therapist or doctor. We’ll take your pelvic floor training to the next level and expand on the information you may have already received. Then I will help you to stay on track.

“Immensely helpful and very different from what I have read. The approach is far more comprehensive and goes beyond the normal pelvic floor exercises.”

Participant testimonial

You’ve tried Kegels before but didn’t experience significant results, weren’t sure if you’re doing them right, or found them boring, so you gave up on them.

Evidence is clear and undisputable on Kegels. However, the training composed of these contractions must meet specific criteria for beneficial practice. These include clean technique, a structured routine to target all crucial areas of muscle development, and strength training concepts. With everything in place, it’s impossible not to gain results from regular practice, so why not give them another go?

“Fantastic course. I learnt a lot plus it’s great to know I can make a difference. I will be doing daily exercises!”

Participant testimonial

My workshop can elevate you to the most powerful position to achieve and secure optimal pelvic floor function for life.

Healthcare professionals consider the self-management practices I’ll help you embrace worldwide to be the most effective treatment for incontinence, prolapse. They’re safe to practice and show high clinical effectiveness.

“The Discreetly Fit Course is a MUST for all women no matter what age or stage of life. Kathi presents in a very warm and friendly manner and gives such good, clear information that is relevant for everyone.”

Bianca Machliss

Director, Yoga Synergy

What will you know after the workshop?

This workshop was last updated in February 2023.

Pelvic Floor Muscle Training

You will know how to correctly perform powerful, structured, and engaging pelvic floor muscle training sequences. These will take you 5-10 minutes to do 1/day.

The Discreetly Fit Training is a precious skill for life.

The Discreetly Fit Training consists of five pelvic floor exercises strategically targeting crucial areas of muscle development, each with very high strengthening potential.

You will also know ↓

How to secure bladder control you can trust

Avoid wee incidents and rushing to the loo.

How to safeguard reliable bowel control

Preserve your ability to control poo and wind.

How to achieve optimal internal organ support.

Improve organ support & intimate sensation.

What posture & breath is best for the pelvic floor

Taking full advantage of the core connection.

How to increase the threshold of your pelvic floor

Manage the pressure on your base.

How to boost the power of your pelvic floor

Rev up your strength when you need it most.

“For the first time in years today, I sneezed without wetting myself. Yay! Something good must be happening!”

Participant testimonial

“Knowledge gained in the Discreetly Fit program is a must for all women. To know, understand and experience all parts of the feminine was a wonderful journey. I know my life is different for the experience.”

Participant testimonial

“Discreetly Fit made looking after my pelvic floor achievable. I would highly recommend the course.”

Participant testimonial

You’ll also receive ↓

Real-Time Ultrasound

Sydney Workshops only.

This safe, cutting-edge technology can reassure you that your muscles are working, and you are contracting them correctly. The scan is non-invasive, conducted via the abdominal wall, and your privacy is respected.

Continued Support

Join the 30-Day Pelvic Floor Reform, our online support program following the workshop. I will be there to help you with all aspects of this journey. This program is efficient in three key areas: cost, time, and energy investment making it much easier to maintain pelvic floor practices.

Audio Training Guides

The Discreetly Fit collection of audio guides is continuously growing, with new pelvic floor training and relaxation tracks. Practising with them is a great way to ensure the highest quality performance and remain active and up-to-date with your exercises.


Unlimited Help Desk Support

You don't have to do this alone, as you'll have unlimited individual Help Desk support personally from me.

Extra Resources

  • Self Exam
  • Managing Urgencies
  • Abdominal Massage
  • Preventing Urinary Tract Infections
  • Managing Prolapse
  • Preventing Vaginal Infections
  • Breath Practice

Two Weeks Follow Up Support


Enjoy practicing with Audio Guides to cement your practice. Take on my optional accountability challenge to stay on track.

Still not sure if this is your thing? If you answer YES to any of these questions, this workshop is absolutely for you.

  • Do you want to prevent long-term issues with incontinence and prolapse?
  • Is it time to eliminate bladder accidents when you sneeze, need to pee, or exercise?
  • Are your bladder urgencies driving you crazy?
  • Do you want your prolapse to be best supported?
  • Have you received treatment from a gynaecologist or a physio, and somebody advised to do pelvic floor exercises but don’t do them as much as you should?
  • Do you want to boost your intimate vitality?
  • Is it time to do something about your pelvic floor condition?

What to expect from a workshop?

The Discreetly Fit Pelvic Floor Muscle Training

You’ll learn to correctly perform the Discreetly Fit Training, a modern and progressive way to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. It contains five carefully selected and tested, easy-to-learn pelvic floor exercises. They’re richly potent to bring satisfying results by improving pelvic floor muscle condition, coordination, endurance, speed, and relaxation.

You’ll be able to practice with audio files to ensure the best quality performance and assist in adherence to training. There are new routines produced three times a year.

The Discreetly Fit Teaching Method

You’ll learn the Discreetly Fit Training with a highly specialised, unique and fun learning technique, which will bring out your natural ability to connect with your pelvic floor.

The Discreetly Fit Teaching Method was developed and super-refined over 15 years of face-to-face teaching with Real-Time Ultrasounds.

Protective Strategies

The Discreetly Fit Training, coupled with everyday protective strategies, creates a powerful combination to strengthen and protect your bladder control, correct organ position, optimal core function, and sexual sensation. All workshops include these essential tips.

Your pelvic floor power will be given an immediate boost by some of the strategies, while others will improve and sustain its condition over time.

Ongoing Support

Once you have completed the Discreetly Fit Workshop, you can join the online support program called 30-Day Pelvic Floor Reform three times per year. The 30-Day Reform is a super-motivational, cost-efficient, guided program specifically designed to assist you in staying on track with your pelvic floor exercises and strategies.

No Embarrassing Questions

I will only ask you a few questions to ensure that your participation in the Discreetly Fit program is beneficial for you at this time. You can view them here.

No Examinations

The Discreetly Fit Training and strategies show a universally beneficial impact on pelvic floors, just like brushing for teeth; therefore, there is no need for examinations to learn my exercises and strategies.

No Vaginal Devices

There is no need for you to invest in any exercise device, as unrestricted muscle movement is the most potent form of pelvic floor exercise. Not using any devices also eliminate the need for ongoing equipment maintenance, cleaning or the need to be dependent on inserting an internal device for training.

Comfortable Space

Most women value privacy when it comes to addressing their pelvic floor issues. The Discreetly Fit space is a relaxed and comfortable space for in-person workshops and a convenient and easy-to-navigate online program for those at home.

Sharing stories is optional, and there are no obligatory individual introductions.

All in-person workshops accommodate maximum of 10 participants, so you can enjoy a fun group-learning experience while receiving personalised attention.



Will this work for me?

I’m confident in saying, ‘Yes, it will!’ Pelvic floor training involves various pelvic floor muscle contraction exercises that achieve optimal loading when practised correctly. With regular training, the pelvic floor muscles respond to this kind of stimulus by increasing in strength and thickness. Pelvic floor muscle training has proven beneficial for everyone, regardless of age or fitness level.

How long before I see results?

Exercise has an almost immediate effect on muscles. Most women report a pelvic floor muscle strength difference by the second week of practice. You will likely feel markedly stronger within ten weeks than when you started. Of course, this depends on many factors, including your present muscle condition and age.

Is this right for me?

The Discreetly Fit program is excellent for you during all phases of your life, irrespective of whether you experience pelvic floor issues.

The pelvic floor muscles always respond with increased strength to pelvic floor muscle training regardless of age.

So, pelvic floor training can help remedy muscle weakness related to bladder/bowel control issues and prolapse.

What if I'm too weak to learn?

If your muscles can move, you can teach them to exercise. You don’t have to be strong to begin learning; your present pelvic floor condition is perfect for starting.

The Discreetly Fit Teaching Methods, both online and in-person, is thorough and consider the varying individual pelvic floor muscle capabilities of women when they begin.

Who shouldn't sign up?

If you’re seeking professional development in pelvic floor health, this course probably isn’t right for you.

If your pelvic floor muscles can not relax, this program isn’t suitable for you at this particular point. Click here to see if you’re at risk of having hypertonic muscles.

What's involved?

Overall, Discreetly Fit Workshops are not physically demanding.

Two components are involved:

  • Sitting and listening to information
  • and learning the Discreetly Fit pelvic floor muscle training.

You will learn the exercises in a variety of different positions. If any position feels uncomfortable (e.g. kneeling), you can easily substitute it with a position that provides more comfort and suits your requirements.

Is this safe?

Yes, Discreetly Fit Workshops are entirely safe, and they contain information devised from strictly evidence-based physiotherapy practices.

Pelvic health physiotherapist Mary O’Dwyer has worked closely with me to create the Discreetly Fit program content to reflect the latest health and exercise research.

There are no fads, trends, or gadgets involved, and I teach you only what research has proved will work.

Can my muscles become too tight from your exercises?

No evidence suggests that correctly performed pelvic floor exercises result in overly tight muscles.

The Discreetly Fit Training does not only emphasise your muscles to contract but also to relax effectively and thoroughly. This movement encourages the optimal strengthening of your pelvic floor.

I’m seeing a physio/gynaecologist, will I still benefit from this program?

Yes, you will! You have found the perfect complement to the treatments you are already receiving. I can help you do your part to ensure your symptoms don’t return.

I’ll also help you stay on track with your pelvic floor self-management practices via the 30-Day Pelvic Floor Reform as well as personal support.

Can I do Pilates/Yoga or core training instead?

Current research has the most robust support for pelvic floor exercises as a form of physical activity to remedy bladder-control issues and manage prolapse. However, support for Pilates and like practices is emerging and promising.

Consider performing yoga or Pilates in combination with pelvic floor muscle training. It’s good to have pelvic floor muscle training handy in case you can’t make it to classes.

Do I need this if I’m pre- or post-surgery?

Yes, you do. Pelvic floor exercises become especially important before or following pelvic floor repair surgery or hysterectomy. They strengthen the tissues of the pelvic floor so that stitches hold better, and you will have a higher chance for long-term success post-procedure.

Pop in to ask your surgeon for advice on the best time to start exercising your pelvic floor muscles post-op gently.

I’m pregnant. Should I wait to do this after childbirth?

It’s best not to wait. Pelvic floor muscle training can improve continence, pelvic organ support and birthing outcomes for you and your baby.

If you learn our training during pregnancy, you can perform pelvic floor exercises immediately after childbirth, which is the optimal time to begin.

Creators & Teachers

Kati (Katalin) Janssens

Creator, Program Director, Exercise Therapist & Women’s Health Educator

Kati is a former Hungarian Olympic-level gymnast turned women’s health educator and psychotherapist.

Since 2005, Kati has been facilitating and developing the Discreetly Fit Program and providing personal support for those women who join in.

She has completed a Diploma Course in Exercise Therapy with the prestigious Hungarian Semmelweis University of Health Sciences. Kati also holds a master’s degree in counselling and works as a psychotherapist, helping individuals overcome mental health challenges at Exclusive Wellbeing and online.

In addition to her employment experience with world-leading fitness clubs in various countries, Kathi was a presenter for Nike and Reebok and a Sports and Fitness Program Coordinator for the Dubai Police Force. She also presented at Melbourne’s 2018 Women’s Health and Fitness Summit.

Mary O’Dwyer

Consulting Expert – Pelvic Health Physiotherapist & Author.

Before her retirement at the end of 2020, Mary generously reviewed the Discreetly Fit program content to ensure the information presented is the best in pelvic floor health and synchronised with the latest research. She also participated in the Q&A segment of our 30-Day Pelvic Floor Reforms. 

Mary is an internationally renowned Australian pelvic health physiotherapist who truly understands the results women can achieve with the right resources.

To raise awareness of the prevention and treatment of pelvic floor issues in women, Mary has published “My Pelvic Flaw,” “Hold It, Sister,” and “Hold It, Mama.”

Over her active years, she volunteered for the Australian Continence Association, speaking at forums and educational events and conducting workshops for fitness trainers, allied health professionals, and midwives.

The free Revive Your Pelvic Floor Mini Course will quickly get you on the right track so you can start enjoying great benefits.

Any questions?