Hi, I’m Katalin Janssens

 Exercise Therapist and Women’s Health Educator

I’ll help you fix your bladder control issues or prolapse, and while we’re at it, let’s skyrocket your orgasmic potential.

Learn Pelvic Floor Exercises & Strategies

My unique and quickly beneficial course contains all essential self-help practices your pelvic floor desperately needs to make you feel healthy, sexy and confident again. Available online or in Sydney.

Practice with my 30 Day Pelvic Floor Reform

I  have designed this super motivating, supportive and cost efficient online program to help you to stay on track with your pelvic floor practices after you have completed my course.  Available three times a year.

Is it time to catapult your pelvic floor strength to a brand new level?

The Tantilising Normalities of a Well Working Pelvic Floor


When your pelvic floor works well you can sneeze, cough, laugh, blow your nose, exercise, have sex, and drink coffee with confidence (I can not guarantee success if you do them all at the same time).


When your pelvic floor works well you have the best chance to kick your prolapse in the butt once and for all.


When your pelvic floor works well  your core tone and function can be optimised to the tune of a Swiss watch.


When your pelvic floor works well you glow with so much vibrancy, health and sexiness that it annoys the crap out of your “well-wishers”.


When your pelvic floor works well you can enjoy explosive orgasms and as a result a much smoother facial expression and a dazzled partner.


When your pelvic floor works well you can tick one box after another on your to-do-list without wearing panty liners for protection.

But what if your pelvic floor is

more like a pelvic basement?

Do you cringe, feel ashamed and wish you could just dissapear every time you leak?

Are you sick of feeling out of control, old and broken because of your pelvic floor?

Would you rather put pins in your eyes than grow old leaking, prolapsing and feeling little or nothing during sex?

Do Pelvic Floor Exercises Really Work?


Anybody who tells you otherwise is seriously misinformed!

Why so many women not doing pelvic floor exercises when we know they work super well?

The vast majority of women are not sure how to exercise their pelvic floor, and roughly 25% exercise in a way that can potentially make them leak more. Research tells us that simple verbal or written instructions are not enough to launch a successful pelvic floor exercise program, so many women simply give up. Even those women who think they know how to do pelvic floor exercises find standard practices boring and neither practical nor effective. And so, they also give up.

But there is a HUGE problem with giving up on pelvic floor exercises, and here is why

The moment you give up on pelvic floor exercises is the moment you start your journey towards diaper wearing instead of getting rid of pelvic floor weakness for good.

And there is nothing sexy about that….

If this has scared you as much as it scared me when I first realised it, we already have something in common.

“I can thank you for your course which I went to at Balmain in 2013. I have joined in on your 30 Day Pelvic Floor Reform three times every year since then. I practise your Pelvic Floor Exercises nearly every day and feel enervated and stronger each time. Thank you.”

Sally Lockrey

“It is really important to me to maintain my pelvic floor health. The course was very informative and I really appreciated the voice recordings online. I think that all women should take this course to prevent pelvic floor weakness in later life.”

Daisy Little


Join my Ultimate Pelvic Floor Exercises & Strategies Course

Designed in collaboration with a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist

After completing it you will know everything you need to turn your pelvic floor into a reliable workhorse.


First I will teach you to exercise correctly. We will use my very own super precise, step-by-step teaching method, developed over a 10 year period, so that you can be absolutely sure you are exercising the right way.


I’ll then teach you my fast-acting, unique, structured and engaging pelvic floor exercise routine which is just the right intensity, so that your bladder control becomes reliable, your prolapse manageable, and your orgasms satisfying and pleasurable.


Next you will master the technique that instantly boosts pelvic floor power so that you can immediately feel more confident while blast-sneezing, power-jumping, and belly-laughing.


You will also learn 24 carat gold treasures of simple and practical strategies so that instead of committing enormous crimes against your pelvic floor, you are consciously protecting yourself from future issues.

How do you know my pelvic floor exercises are not just a waste of your time?


Perfectly Designed

My carefully tested and selected exercises deliberately target all crucial areas of muscle development AND provide just enough of a challange for your muscles to respond with increased strength, speed and endurance. 



All you need to do to create versatile and lasting strength in your pelvic floor is to perform my five Discreetly Fit Exercises for 10 minutes on most days. 



You can quickly and easily perform these exercises anywhere, anytime, without the aid of any internal devices, and without anyone knowing you are doing them. 

These exercises can literally change your life.

The Discreetly Fit Course will help you even if you

Are a self-proclaimed “hopeless learner” when it comes to pelvic floor exercises.
Have no idea or are unsure how to do them right now.
Have strange taste in food, clothes or movies.
Think you are too weak to learn.
Don’t have time for this right now.
Believe it is too late for you.

Tried pelvic floor exercises and had no success in the past.

Think you are not fit enough to take this on.
Prefer straight hair to curly hair.

Have had surgery, are seeing a physio and regularly do Pilates or Yoga.

Are not good when it comes to maintaining something over the long term.
Grind your teeth during sleep.

“Kati’s course is a MUST for all women no matter what age or stage of life. She presents in a very warm and friendly manner and gives such good, clear information that is relevant for everyone.”

Bianca Machliss

Director, Yoga Synergy

“I have been supporting and recommending Kati’s Discreetly Fit Course for over a decade, why? Because I believe in its effectiveness and I have no hesitation in sending my students to do her course.”

Corinne Doret

The Director of Hills Yoga and the, Founder of PowerBirth



limited offer, restricted places

In Sydney

  • Several convenient locations
  • Restricted to only 10 participants/course
  • 1 x 4.5 hours in duration
  • A Real Time Ultrasound Scan (private/non-invasive)
  • Resource booklet
  • 2 weeks access to practice with voice guidance
  • Invitation to join the 30 Day Pelvic Floor Reform 3 times/year
  • Group bookings are available

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t learn anything new from my course, or you don’t like me (that’s ok not everybody has good taste). I will be happy to refund your money. No questions asked.
Would you rather just dip your toes into the pool of pelvic floor wisdom? Come to one of my FREE talks.

Only 10 Participants in a Course – Online & in Sydney – Are You Ready to Go?

I am limiting the number of participants to 10 at the time so I can provide quick and efficient support to all of my students. No exceptions, no waiting lists.

Are you ready to sneeze with confidence? The next month is going to tick away regardless. Will you spend it tolerating your symptoms, possibly feeling annoyed, uncomfortable, embarrassed, irritable and old? Or are you ready to draw the line? Only in a few short hours, you can actually start consciously  remedying your pelvic floor issues and start to feel stronger, more vibrant and more confident.

Take a moment to think about the financial and emotional costs of doing nothing. Then compare it to the cost of the Discreetly Fit Course.

Still not sure? Consider the following:

You don’t even need to shave anything or re-touch your lip gloss to have a date with pelvic floor exercises.

You can prevent your tears of joy do not run down your legs when you are laughing.

Pelvic floor exercises for your pelvic floor are like brushing for your teeth. They brighten the smile of your undercarriage.

You will hear no uncomfortable vagina jokes here. Period.

To paraphrase Marilyn Monroe: “Give a girl the right shoes a strong pelvic floor and she can conquer the world.

Still got questions? Let's chat!

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