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Discreetly Fit Workshops, online and in Sydney, can help you to improve your bladder or bowel control, manage your urgencies, prevent or lift prolapse & enhance intimate pleasure.
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Your goal

is to increase and maintain your pelvic floor strength and condition with highly focused, clinically proven pelvic floor muscle training.

You need

a quick exercise solution for your pelvic floor muscles that you can whip out when and where you get the chance to do it.

You have

an exercise plan for your pelvic floor already but you want to maximise its effectiveness.

You want

to vamp up or restart the Kegel portion of your pelvic floor treatment plan.


Kegels before without results and you’re ready to give them another red hot go.

We specialise in helping you to practice cutting-edge, clinically proven exercises and practical strategies for your pelvic floor, so you can be in the most powerful position to improve and protect your pelvic floor muscle strength and condition.

The self-management practices we recommend are considered by healthcare professionals worldwide to be an effective treatment option for incontinence, prolapse, and diminished intimate sensation. They’re safe to practice and show high clinical effectiveness.

With the Discreetly Fit method, you can easily fit top-quality pelvic floor muscle training into your life. You can achieve great results with our 1/day, 5-10 minutes of highly focused training. We’ll even help you to stay on track.

Everything else is implemented during your everyday activities.

Our program can help you to do your very best for your pelvic floor.

You’re not alone!

Most women are unsure about pelvic floor exercises and find them boring.

We know that standard verbal or written instructions are not enough to prepare most women to engage in successful and sustainable pelvic floor muscle training. So they miss out on the terrific benefits they can deliver.

We’ve developed a method that teaches you the right way to powerfully train your pelvic floor muscles and interesting enough to keep you engaged in continued practice.

  • Women aged 45-59 experiencing bladder control issues 50% 50%
  • Mothers with some level of prolapse 50% 50%
  • Women who are not interested in having sex 54.8% 54.8%
  • Women who are unable to achieve a quality pelvic floor contraction 51% 51%
  • Women who can be rehabilitated from incontinence without surgery 84% 84%


Pelvic Floor Exercises & Strategies Workshops in Sydney

This is our 4-hour long signature program. You will benefit from learning with Real-Time Ultrasound (private & non-invasive), which is a sure way of knowing you’re doing your pelvic floor exercises correctly. After this workshop, you can gain complete control of your pelvic floor strength. Max. 10 participants/workshop.


Discreetly Fit On-Demand

 Choose this option if you prefer self-paced, independent learning. You can start at any time. The program content is delivered via videos, downloadable notes, and audio files. This option includes full Help Desk Support and 30-day access to the VIP pages of this website.

My Pelvic Floor Works

This fabulous online program combines the Discreetly Fit Workshop and our 30 Day Reform for exceptional effectiveness. This time- and cost-efficient program is right for you if you enjoy fully guided online learning. During this 2-months long journey, you will not only learn powerful exercises and strategies but have a chance to put them into practice with personal support from our Program Director, Kathi Janssens.

30 Day Reform

This is our ongoing support program. It’s a practice group offered to participants who have completed one of our programs and it run in March, July, and November. It’s a super motivating, supportive, and cost-efficient offering. It’s designed to help you to stay on track with your pelvic floor practices.

What to Expect

Our Training Routines

We’ve progressed the way pelvic floor exercises are practised. We carefully selected and tested five easy-to-learn pelvic floor exercises. These are richly potent to bring satisfying results by improving pelvic floor muscle strength, coordination, endurance, speed and relaxation.

We then developed these exercises into engaging training routines. These can be practised with our audio files to ensure best-quality performance and assist in adherence to training. To keep things interesting, new routines are produced three times a year.

Our Teaching Method

We take advantage of our highly specialised and fun techniques to bring out your natural ability to connect with your pelvic floor.

Our teaching method was developed and refined by experts over 10 years of face-to-face teaching with Real-Time Ultrasounds. So, we are well equipped to help you to learn our training in the correct way.

Practical Strategies

Our pelvic floor training and practical strategies work together in a powerful combination to strengthen and protect your bladder control, correct organ position, optimal core function, and sexual sensation.

Your pelvic floor power will be given an immediate boost by some of our strategies, while others are designed to improve and sustain its condition over time.

Ongoing Support

Once you have completed our full course, you will be able to join our online support program, the 30-Day Pelvic Floor Reform, three times per year. This is a super-motivational, cost-efficient, guided program specifically designed to assist you to stay on track with your pelvic floor exercises and strategies.

No Embarrassing Questions

We will only ever ask you questions to ensure that your participation in our program is beneficial for you at this time. These can be viewed here.

No Examinations

Our exercises and strategies show a universally beneficial impact on pelvic floors, just like brushing does for teeth; therefore, no examinations are required to learn our exercises and strategies.

No Vaginal Devices

There is no need for you to invest in any device. We believe that unrestricted muscle movement is the most powerful form of pelvic floor exercise. This eliminates the need for ongoing equipment maintenance or the need to insert an internal device.

Comfortable Space

At Discreetly Fit, we fully understand that women value privacy when it comes to addressing their pelvic floor issues. So, we have created a relaxed and comfortable space for our in-person workshops and a convenient and easy-to-navigate online program for those at home.

Sharing stories while at our in-person workshops is optional, and there are no obligatory individual introductions.

Our courses are restricted to a maximum of 10 participants, so you can enjoy a fun group-learning experience while receiving personalised attention.

Why are our pelvic floor exercises different?


Our exercises are carefully selected and tested to deliberately target all the crucial areas of pelvic floor muscle development that you need in everyday life, resulting in improved strength, speed, coordination, endurance, and relaxation.


Our training method not only emphasises the absolute correct technique but also purposefully creates maximum diverse movement and the ideal training intensity for your pelvic floor muscles to respond with improved condition and function.


We designed our various pelvic floor exercises to create FUN and engaging training routines. This eliminates boredom, which is one of the biggest hurdles in maintaining the usual pelvic floor exercise practices.


You can easily perform our powerhouse pelvic floor training routines in 5–10 minutes once a day, anywhere, anytime, without the aid of any internal vaginal devices and without anyone knowing you are doing them.

“I can thank you for your course which I went to at Balmain in 2013. I have joined in on your 30 Day Pelvic Floor Reform three times every year since then. I practice your Pelvic Floor Exercises nearly every day and feel enervated and stronger each time. Thank you.”

Sally Lockrey

“It is really important to me to maintain my pelvic floor health. The course was very informative and I really appreciated the voice recordings online. I think that all women should take this course to prevent pelvic floor weakness in later life.”

Daisy Little



Will this work for me?

We’re confident in saying, ‘Yes, it will!’ Pelvic floor training involves a variety of pelvic floor muscle contraction exercises that, when practiced correctly, achieve optimal loading. With regular training, the pelvic floor muscles respond to this kind of stimulus by increasing in strength and thickness. This has proven to be beneficial for everyone, regardless of age or fitness level.

How long before I see results?

Exercise has an almost-immediate effect on muscles. Most women report feeling a difference in their pelvic floor muscle strength by the second week of practice. Within 10 weeks, you will likely feel markedly stronger than when you started. Of course, this depends on many factors, including your present muscle condition and age.

Is this right for me?

The Discreetly Fit program is a great fit for you during all phases of your life, irrespective of whether you experience pelvic floor issues or not.

This is because the pelvic floor muscles always respond with increased strength to correctly performed, specifically targeted exercises.

So, pelvic floor training can help to remedy muscle weakness related bladder/bowel control issues and prolapse.

What if I'm too weak to learn?

If your muscles can move, you can teach them to exercise. You don’t have to be strong to begin learning; your present pelvic floor condition is the perfect condition in which to start.

Our teaching methods, both online and in-person, are thorough and consider the varying individual pelvic floor muscle capabilities of women when they begin.

Who shouldn't sign up?

If you’re seeking professional development in the field of pelvic floor health this course probably isn’t right for you.

If your pelvic floor muscles are unable to relax this course isn’t right for you either at this particular point in time. Click here to see if you’re at risk of having hypertonic muscles.

What's involved?

Overall, our courses are not physically demanding.

There are two components to our programs: (a) sitting and listening to information and (b) learning our pelvic floor muscle training exercises.

Our exercises learned in a variety of different positions. If any position feels uncomfortable (e.g. kneeling), you can easily substitute it by a position that provides more comfort and suits your requirements.

Is this safe?

Yes, our programs are completely safe. They contain information devised from physiotherapy practices that are strictly evidence-based.

Our consultant, pelvic health physiotherapist, Mary O’Dwyer, has worked closely with us to create programs that reflect the latest health and exercise research.

There are no fads, trends or gadgets involved. We teach you only what research has proved will work.

Can my muscles become too tight from your exercises?

There is no evidence to suggest that correctly performed pelvic floor exercises result in overly tight muscles.

Our training not only teaches your muscles how to safely contract but also how to fully relax. This movement encourages the optimal strengthening of your pelvic floor.

I’m seeing a physio/gynaecologist, will I still benefit from this program?

Yes, you will! You have found the perfect complement to the treatments you are already receiving or have received. We can help you to do your part in making sure your symptoms don’t return.

We’ll help you to stay on track with your pelvic floor self-management practices with our regular online program, the 30-Day Pelvic Floor Reform.

Can I do Pilates/Yoga or core training instead?

Current research has the strongest support for pelvic floor exercises as a form of physical activity to remedy bladder-control issues and manage prolapse, however, support for Pilates and like practices are emerging and promising.

Consider performing these with pelvic floor exercises in combination. It’s good to have pelvic floor muscle training handy in case you ever drop out from attending classes.

Do I need this if I’m pre- or post-surgery?

Yes, you do. Pelvic floor exercises become especially important prior to or following pelvic floor repair surgery or hysterectomy. They strengthen the tissues of the pelvic floor so that stitches hold better, and you will have a higher chance for long-term success post-procedure.

Pop in to ask your surgeon to seek advice on when the best time is to gently start exercising your pelvic floor muscles post-op.

I’m pregnant. Should I wait to do this after childbirth?

It’s best not to wait. The benefits of pelvic floor exercises performed during pregnancy are well documented; they improve continence and can produce better birthing outcomes for you and your baby.

If you learn our training during pregnancy, you can perform pelvic floor exercises immediately after childbirth, which is the optimal time to begin.

“I have been supporting and recommending the Discreetly Fit Course for over a decade, why? Because I believe in its effectiveness and I have no hesitation in sending my students to do her course.”

Corinne Doret

Founder of Hills Yoga & PowerBirth

“The Discreetly Fit Course is a MUST for all women no matter what age or stage of life. Kathi presents in a very warm and friendly manner and gives such good, clear information that is relevant for everyone.”

Bianca Machliss

Director, Yoga Synergy

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t learn anything new from your chosen program, we will be happy to refund your money. No questions asked.

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